Cattle Drives

Spend the morning with us as we move cattle, check for sickness, get in strays and make sure that everything on the ranch is doing well.  Our cattle drives rides are unique in the way that they are not “nose to tail” trail rides, nothing here is "staged" and day to day tasks do vary.

Cattle drives are a time where you can get back to life's essentials, the horse riding pace on cattle drives is usually slow, that’s what makes a cattle drive a wonderful experience, time to gain respect for these animals and learn a little about yourself in the process, maybe make a four legged friend or two.


3-4 hour ride or until the job gets done.


Operating Tuesday-Saturday.  3-1/2 to 4 hour long ride.


Cost is $165/horse.


*Must be 10 years & older to ride.

(Horses for all abilities)





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