What to Bring


For all of our Winter Activities please dress appropriately for outdoors. Even when it's cold and snowy, the Colorado sun can be strong, so consider Sunscreen.



Goggles, Ski Helmets, Face Mask, Gloves, Snow Clothes, Snow Boots.



Goggles, Face Mask, Snow Clothes, Warm Boots, Gloves.

Helmets and a small selection of snow gear are provided.


Horseback Riding:

Wear layered clothing, long-underwear under pants is recommend but may not be warm enough. Warm Boots, Warm Gloves, Sunglasses.


Dinner Sleigh Ride:

You’ll want to dress warmly since the area’s evening temperatures decrease steadily from those of the daytime hours. We recommend that you dress as you would to go out to dinner with layering items including; jacket, gloves, scarf, hat and warm boots.  Keep in mind the you will only be outside for less then an hour and the lodge is kept at a comfortable temperature by our fireplace, so we encourage you to dress in layers that can be removed at the time of your dinner seating.  This will ensure your comfort both on and off the sleigh.  Blankets are provided to keep you cozy but you may want to dress your children in full snow suits.

All Activities:

Print, sign, and return the Activity Waiver: Click here to download.

Do Forgot Your Camera!

All our activities offer amazing photo opportunities.




For all of our Summer Activities please dress appropriately for outdoors.


Even when it's cool or cloudy, the Colorado sun can be strong, so wear sunscreen. We recommend long pants and shoes suitable for outdoor activity.


Also bring sunglasses, and a jacket because weather can change quickly.

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